Being close to you

Each actor should be accompanied individually. ad6media strives to provide personalized support by phone with his publishers.

it maintains with each privileged and transparent relationship based on human relationships, availability and trust. When you have a question, the ad6media team is available in record time.

The network voluntarily limit the number of vendors to be sure to provide everyone an optimal listening quality.


Many innovations

The exclusive targeting tools developed by ad6media open you the way to win new customers and retain your regulars. Be certain to reach the right target at the right time.

Thanks to the various targeting techniques proposed by the ad server of the company, the user is apprehended by very specific characteristics of its profile.

The goal is to segment visitors based on their affinities or their potential needs to deliver their ad as relevant as possible.


Segmented offers

Save time and money. The rates charged by the authority are clear, attractive and guaranteed.

The compensation offer to guarantee a fixed CPM has already attracted many webmasters.

This transparent tariff policy has already helped attract many quality sites. Make your website a profitable space and free up time to manage your content.


Why choose Ad6 Media ?

Ad6media is a web advertising company. The name comes from six types of targeting: retargeting, behavioural targeting, and contextual, local, socio-demographic, geographic and timed well targeting. It is aimed for publishers who have more than 1,000 visitors per day ; our goal is to target large advertisers. Through its services, the company guarantees high CPM rates. The goal of the company is to offers different and quality ads.


a quality Ideal

Our goal is to offer a display of quality that will integrate well with your website. To offer quality of ads, Ad6 selects advertisers that are known nationally, the quality of the advertisers will allow you to add credit to your website. In order to avoid overexposure for the web user, the company uses caps; this allows you to fully control the display on your website. Before thinking return on investment, ad6media thinks first about the comfort of your visitors.


Ad6 Media is structured into 3 divisions that work together to optimize advertising effectiveness.



Development of Ad6 publisher network in France as internationally, with a particularly active development on Germany, Spain, Italy and LATAM.

The desire of Ad6 is to build a powerful network across Europe by paying premium publishers CPM fixed throughout the year and across all formats.



Development of commercial offers, advertising revenues and audience monetization solutions.

An activity of Business Development to go further in meeting the needs of our partners and providing effective solutions.



Development of the network of buyers basins of Ad6 hearings on France as internationally.

Positioned in the Niche "Branding / Perf" Ad6 provides media buyers branding formats marketed to performance: Skin, Footer, Interstitial ....


AD6 regularly recruit motivated candidates to join our team and bring a new vision to the business. We give everyone a chance to evolve and bring his ideas. Our various divisions:

Support - Publisher - Advertiser

Share our values:


AD6 is a growing network that seeks to better differentiate itself from its competitors, particularly by developing innovative solutions, creative and pioneers in their field, as well as marketing new formats every year.


AD6 has its own ad server and its own technology. Thus allowing the network to control its campaigns more optimally and to better respond to customer expectations. The company also plays an expert role with advertisers by providing them with advice on the most appropriate formats and thus reassure the success of their campaigns.


The environment of the web is constantly changing, which is why it is important to know to adapt easily and be reactive, to anticipate changes.

Demand and quality

AD6 aims to go further and higher. This is a growing network based on the requirement and the rigor of its employees. It is important that each colaborator gives a qualitative and premium image of the network and and work for a better evolution.