Recognized advertisers:

ad6media chooses its partners for their notoriety. Our network only works with national and international renowned advertisers that give prestige to your site.

Their common point: the quality of their content and the confidence they inspire in users.

By partnering with them, monetizing your audience is ensured by additional revenue while enriching your advertising inventory.


Automatic campaign management

Once integrated ads on your pages, ad6media supports campaign management

You will not waste time to choose yourself listings that best match your target is done for you!

So save yourself time to manage the content of your site and track your earnings in real time thanks to the ad6media interface.


Monitoring interface easy to work with

No need to be a developer to run advertisements: simple and intuitive interface ad6media allows you to quickly integrate the ads with a unique code.

In order to provide even more responsiveness and transparency, the company has developed a real time statistical service.

Finally, your personal account has been specifically designed for suit your needs: its accessible features ensure you to better manage all stages of the progress of your campaigns



Attractive and guaranteed payouts

Save time and money. The rates charged by the Network are clear, fixed and transparent. Ad6media offers customers a fixed fee and guaranteed CPM (cost per 1,000 views). Whatever the time of year, you are immune to downward fluctuations of your CPM.


Available and near to you

One of the founding principles of ad6media is to offer more availability to its customers. The Network also responds quickly as possible to any request.

Our formats

Depending on your offer and your message, choose one of our impact formats.



Branding format 728x90, available on the lower part of the website, always visible to the user.



Premium Format 1800 * 1000. He dresses the website of the publisher and provides excellent visibility for the advertiser. 100% branding.



Branding Format 950x540, on entry page. Occupies the entire web page for a few seconds and / or can be closed by the user. guaranteed visibility.



Float format 300x250, located on the left side of the page and can be reduced or closed by the user with a single click.